Zero-EQ – Fall (E.P.) | Review by Brutal Resonance

In just a little over a week, Space Race Records is releasing Zero-Eq’s Fall EP. This Italian power-trio has been well received with both their greatest hits release that collected tracks from the ’03/’04 era of the band, and has also been given positive reception with the “Bugged Karma” EP. Following on that, the synth and future pop band has come out with their third EP, which would be the one we are talking of in question.

Erase kicks off the EP, with a good build up into an easy synthpop song. The vocals are smooth, and though they do have a bit of a auto tune placed on them, the skipping effect that tends to them are pretty cool. Never Let You In gives out a slower, more emotional song with some robot like vocals fitting for the genre.

The title track comes in third, beginning off like that of something you’d hear out of a Gameboy game before hitting off with some nice electronics and a faster beat than the previous two songs. It was short, but it hit nicely and ended just right.

Negative Changes came off with some heavy synth work and reminded me greatly of the eighties. Some depressing lyrics fuel the song, but it turned to be one of my favorites. Inside My Head cranked out some guitar work seeming from nowhere. Personally, I prefer the electronics, but it still made for a nice song.

And then we hit into the remix side of things. We got one from Retrogramme, Public Domain Resource, Lost Reality, and Klonavenus. While each artist most definitely put their own flare on the songs, it was PDR’s remix that really hit home nicely. I suggest you take a look at that one.

And, there’s the end of a pretty nice EP. I can’t really say that it was my favorite album, but it was pretty good. And, with three EPs so far released, I just wonder what these guys can do with a full length album.

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