ZERO A.D. – Consistency

Catalog#: SRRCD034
Format: CD Album, Digipak
Released: 2021, Dec. 20
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synthpop, Darkwave
EAN Barcode: 8016670151104
Distribution: Audioglobe

01. Only A Dream 
02. Be My Eyes (album version)  
03. Without The Happy Ending 
04. A New End  
05. No Choice 
06. Magma - The Night It Began 
07. To Catch You (Only A Dream pt. 2) 
08. Your War 
09. Towards The Line 
10. Line 
11. Stronger Than Anything (rework)   
12. Voice Of The Dream
13. Can You Hear Me? (Only A Dream pt. 3) 
14. All We Want To Remember 

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