Zero A.D. – Consistency | Review by Kollektiva

Again I found a great Italian dark wave/future pop band: Zero A.D. a duo of Andrea Tomasich and Diego Bardari (that’s why it’s A and D). These guys have a history: “They met in June 1995, minutes before catching the train from Rome to Milan, Italy, to attend the concert of their favorite band, The Cure.” I love them already. 🖤 It’s no surprise that “their very first demos, made under the Infieri name, were heavily influenced by dark wave and gothic music”.
Their last album was “Consystency” in 2021, an amazing 15 song album. These are different songs, there are some classic future pop songs like the intro “Only a Dream” which has a great video. Check out these black and white scenes, great in their simplicity:
Other songs have an EBM vibe, like the song “Be My Eyes” or “No Choice”:
Then there are really dark songs, like the wonderful instrumental “A New End”, one of my personal favorites on the album. It reminds me of Depeche Mode’s iconic instrumentals, I’m sure you know what I mean:
Almost every single song is a surprise, it gets better as you progress through the album. It doesn’t matter if they sing or just play the instruments, the quality is amazing. Watch the video for “Your War” and you’ll see what I mean:
I absolutely recommend the very last song on the Bandcamp album version. ‘Can you hear me (Nydhog Remix)’ must be on the playlist at the next Kollektiva party (or any party):
Where was this band before – I asked myself. And of course I asked them too. They are super nice and responded straight away (did I say I love these guys?). Now I know their story: In 2005 they had a song on the compilation “Italian Body Music vol. 2′, then they released their demo EP ‘The Beginning’ in September 2007, a little later in November the EP ‘Will’ and then their debut album came in 2010: ‘All My Beliefs’. I wrote at least twice (about @Iamnoone and Grey Gallows band ) that when you find a great album it never suddenly comes out of nowhere, quality is always the result of constant development. “All My Beliefs” is an album that is absolutely worth listening to. We are always happy to see and experience such a development. Check out this 11 year old video from “Eternal Strength”:
… or listen to the awesome “2099 A.D.” (for me it is a tribute to Kraftwerk and all the other heroes of electronic music):
Andrea and Diego are currently working on new material, but there is no set timeline yet. We are eagerly awaiting this album.
The band belongs to the Italian label Space Race Records, we already know them, DD published a post last year with Navigator Project, another band of this label.

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