TourdeForce – Jedem Das Seine | Review by Chain D.L.K.

I wrote about Tourdeforce four years ago, when I reviewed their debut album “Colours In Life”. Since then, Christian Ryder released other two digital albums on the My Owl Music label. “Jedem Das Seine” is Tourdeforce latest album and it has been released by the Italian Space Race Records label.

The album theme is controversial and dangerous too, because Christian took inspiration from the national socialist period to enhance the similitudes with nowadays society and you know that it’s difficult to deal with such themes. Because of the title (“Jedem Das Seine” was a writing that was placed on Buchenwald gates and it means “to each his own”) the album has already find some distribution issues in Germany but I don’t want to be shortsighted and I’d like to check what’s inside. The band clearly stated that their aren’t revisionists and I think that they wanted to provoke and show to people that little has changed, only some way of making propaganda changed. Also lyrics (which are kinda short and give to the listener a description of a scenario useful to have the right feel) and titles refer to that kind of themes and we have: “John Lennon Was A Warmonger”, “History Is Written By The Winners”, “Adolf Hitler Platz”, “Did Six Million Really Die” and, just to make people talk a little more, as hidden track, we have “Decrepitude” written by Varg Vikernes, a.k.a. Burzum. Musically “Jedem Das Seine” is inspired by 90s Nothern synthpop with also a little 90s e.b.m. sprinkles, guitar riffs here and there plus a bit of 80s synthpop (on some tracks I hear echoes of Pet Shop Boys melodies). Melody and energy are the strongest points of the album and make of it a good one which can be danced to or listened at home.

“I don’t believe your truth, The Only accepted by the grey eminence”

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