TourdeForce – Compendium vol. 1 | Review by Side-Line

Without becoming a leading Electro-Pop formation TourdeForce became a familiar name in the Electro-Pop scene. Several albums have been released over the years. This work brings us back to the years between 2009 and 2013. It’s an opportunity to discover remixes from songs of that period, but also demo tracks, cover versions and previously unreleased stuff. The main source of inspiration is Electro-Pop music, which has been now mixed with pure Dance-Pop and then moving into catchy, melancholic songs. Foretaste, Syrian, Luca Urbani, Dekad, Porta Vittoria and TourdeForce took care of the remixes while there’s also one song featuring Nova Pulsar. There are also cover versions of Novy Svet and Diorama. Most of the songs are sung in English, but you’ll also notice Italian vocals.
This is not just a ‘best of’ from a period in time, but the originality is that it’s much more than simply remixes as most of the band still contributed by vocals. The previously unreleased songs and demo cuts are adding a little bonus to the work. I’m more into the ‘classical’, catchy, Electro-Pop songs like “Dancing Days” and the 2022 mix of “One July Night”. There’s also something to say about the minimal remix of “Masterplan” by Foretaste and the cool remix of “Modern Affair” by Luca Urbani.
I’m not that much into the pure Dance-Pop opener “Falling In The Dark” revealing a too commercial approach. I realize the previously unreleased cuts and demos are less convincing.
Conclusion: I’ve never been totally convinced by the sound of TourdeForce, which according to me is missing an extra catchy touch.

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