Spektralized launch “In Between the Opposite”

Standard composition at the highest levels, immediately capturing melodies and a strong dose of danceability are the driving forces of this album. “In Between The Opposite”, the fourth one of a discography qualitatively in continuing ascent as manifestation of a creative talent that knows no limits.

The electropopish atmospheres built by the Norwegian Spektralized speaks with a direct language but at the same time sophisticated and danceable: their newest chapter reveals the band further matured and and in possession of an admirable ingenious so full of strategies that know how to conquer the listeners offering them artificial sounds created by irresistible, pulsing bpm’s, synths vortex and the powerful voice of Richard Bjørklund that sustains the orchestrations. Into the album nothing is casual: everything is generated by passion and science, by calculation and sentiment, elements that give to In Between The Opposite a fascinating aura that deserves to be discovered track after track, for a release that will drag you into an excursion in a technologic universe dedicated to the newest and old electro-generations.

Out on March 22nd

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