Spektralized – In Between the Opposite | Review by Side-Line magazine

After their comeback on the EP “My Needs” released in 2012 on EK Product we now welcome the new full length album from Spektralized.

The album features 10 new songs plus 2 remixes by Sebastian Komor. The link with Komor has been often very explicit for the typical Icon Of Coil inspiration. But Spektralized has been always much more pop-minded, making the difference from Icon Of Coil. The new work doesn’t sound that different revealing a solid merge between synth-pop music and EBM.

The opening cut “Children Of Tomorrow” is a mind-blowing song driven by a solid deep and dark body bass line. The cool sequences and danceable rhythm are making the rest while Richard Bjørklund’s way of singing sounds somewhere in between pop and EBM as well.

But from the next piece on, Spektralized moves back into their usual body-pop fields empowered by some guitar parts. The songs move from a refreshing and happy-sounding format to some more melancholic passages. The production features refined electric piano arrangements while other songs have been based upon heavy bass blasts and menacing guitar riffs. The move in between synth-pop and EBM is quite schizophrenic, but totally efficient. “Unite Us all” even reminds me of some VNV Nation passages. “Reborn” sounds as the ultimate creation of Spektralized. The song moves into harder body and even dark-electro inspiration. It’s a powerful future-pop cut, however I would have imagine harder vocals.

The album ends with the dynamic and instrumental “Sci-Fi Break Up”. We next get 2 remixes by Sebastian Komor, which have been ‘re-produced’ for the clubs. I have to say I already heard better and more convincing adaptations of Seb Komor although both versions add this little bonus to the album.

Conclusion: Spektralized strikes back with power and grace. This opus is fully accomplished and for sure an album to watch out for!

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