Spektralized – In Between The Opposite | Review by Blackvector Magazine

Two and a half year have passed since the latest studio album from Norwegian act Spektralized. “In Between The Opposite” is the 4th studio album from the band and this time the have found a new label in Italian EK Product on their newly created sub-label Space Race Records.

Richard Björklund and company continue with their straight-forward Futurepop mixed with soft Synthpop. It’s catchy, with lots of melodies and great compositions. “Children Of Tomorrow” kick it off really well and just as on previous album the band mix both slower tracks with up-tempo ones very frequently. Tracks like “To Be Recalled”, the heavier “Reborn” or the instrumental “Sci-Fi Break Up” is recommended. Richard knows how to really create strong melodies and that is something that is shown in many of the tracks.

Though, Spektralized stay on a very comforting level in the sound, with very little changes compared with previous releases. They are riding on the safe card here and somehow it is just a continuation from “The Puzzle”. Yet, it feels better produced and once again the fans can expect a very melodic and emotional set of songs. Personally, I really like Richards voice. It does very well to the music.

“In Between The Opposite” is a catchy album and something you would expect from the band, nonetheless. As a bonus, the album includes two remixes from fellow native artist Sebastian Komor.

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