1. Regrets (feat. Color Theory) Second Complex 5:03

Catalog#: SRRCD033
Format: CD Album, Digipak
Released: 2021, Nov. 19
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electropop, Synthpop

01. Drowned (Feat. Color Theory)
02. Troubled Mind (Feat. Laura Noszczyk)
03. Every Moment Counts (Feat. Daniel Hall)
04. Regrets (Feat. Color Theory)
05. Asylum (Feat. Tomas Gustafsson)
06. Powerless (Feat. Color Theory)
07. Lost in a Dream (Feat. Ole Ulrich Jensen)
08. Solid Ground (Feat. Neil Francis)
09. Spirit (Feat. Ole Ulrich Jensen & Frank J. Freda)
10. A Grain of Sand (Feat. Neil Francis)
11. Shadows and Silhouettes (Instrumental)
12. Humble (Instrumental)

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