Catalog#: SRRCD013
Format: 2xCD, Album : Digipak
Released: 2015, March 20
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, IDM


01. Feed (intro)
02. She Gives Me Nightmares
03. Thorns
04. Confidant
05. Saved
06. Psychosis
07. It’s Time
08. Angel
09. Furthest Planet
10. Flesh Drive
11. Wars And Fear
12. Unsettled


01. Confidant (Framework Remix)
02. Thorns (Atropine Remix)
03. She Gives Me Nightmares (Project K11 Remix)
04. Saved (Bites Remix)
05. Furthest Planet (DrMOllE Remix)
06. Thorns (Red This Ever Remix)
07. Unsettled (TourdeForce Remix)
08. She Gives Me Nightmares (PDR Remix)
09. Saved (Deadliner Remix)
10. She Gives Me Nightmares (Echoknocks Remix)
11. Psychosis (Citizen 16 Remix)
12. Confidant (Halo Effect Remix)

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