Catalog#: SRRCD037 Format: CD Album : Digipak Released: 2022, October 7 Genre: Electronic Style: Darkwave EAN Barcode 8016670157403 Distribution: Audioglobe

TOURDEFORCE – Compendium vol. 1

Catalog#: SRRCD036 Format: CD Album, Digipak Released: 2022, June 17 Genre: Electronic Style: Electrowave, Synthpop, Electropop EAN Barcode 8016670155898 Distribution: Audioglobe 

MONSTERGOD – Ozymandias

Catalog#: SRRCD035 Format: CD Album, Digipak Released: 2022, May 20 Genre: Electronic Style: Darkwave, Electro EAN Barcode: 8016670155317 Distribution: Audioglobe 

ZERO A.D. – Consistency

Catalog#: SRRCD034 Format: CD Album, Digipak Released: 2021, Dec. 20 Genre: Electronic Style: Synthpop, Darkwave EAN Barcode: 8016670151104 Distribution: Audioglobe 


Catalog#: SRRCD026 Format: CD Album, Digipak Released: 2018, March 16 Genre: Electronic Style: Electro-dark, industrial rock

WE THE NORTH – Dayblind

Catalog#: SRRCD019 Format: CD Album – Digipak, Digital Released: 2016, November 4 Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Bodypop, Synthpop 


Catalog#: SRRCD014 Format: CD, Album : Digipak Released: 2015, April 10 Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Darkwave


Catalog#: SRRCD013 Format: 2xCD, Album : Digipak Released: 2015, March 20 Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, IDM 

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