Official Press Release // TourdeForce

The Italian project TourdeForce, personified by the ingenious Christian Ryder, has always distinguished itself in the alternative electro sector for the excellent ability to combine sonic experimentation, high – and sometimes courageous – meaning in content, captivating melodism and such a particular imprint that has made its instantly recognizable style. The result obtained by this talented protagonist is an increasingly technologically advanced musicality, contained in a discography of sure interest for all fans of the evolved synthpop.

The tracklist of the new compilation publication “Compendium, Vol. 1” includes an amazing selection of fourteen songs made between 2009 and 2013, five of them masterfully remixed for this special occasion by prestigious names from the electronic scene such as Foretaste, Syrian, Luca Urbani, Dekad and Porta Vittoria. The title track also includes a mix of C. Parodi by TourdeForce, an episode featuring Nova Pulsar and two delightful demo versions. A grandiose parade of uptempo sounds – midtempo stylistically Electrowave, Synthpop and Electropop alternate with the aim of entertaining from beginning to end, propagating voluminous amounts of danceability, wide sequencers lines, pulsing drum-programming, intriguing male-female vocalism and fascinating architectures of keyboards. “Compendium, Vol. 1” proudly celebrates the virtues of TourdeForce, providing a first, thoughtful synthesis of the parallel universe in which the solid creativity of Christian Ryder ranges.

This is really an artist who has proven to know perfectly the best strategies to conquer the listener, unfailingly guaranteeing top sonic enjoyment. A collection of avant-garde electro frescoes considered simply not to be missed.

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