Official Press Release // Navigator Project

The extraordinary nature of Navigator Project was perceived in the previous 2020 debut album “Follow The Light”, in which the Italian band was able to fully express their talent, addressing the audience an enthralling electro sound of considerable qualitative depth. The return of the ensemble is characterized by a more defined, mature musicality, which incorporates instrumental insights and vocal details of strong catchy power, all in the new full length “Breathe”, a release that manifests the further step forward made with admirable knowledge of the best sonic trends and with the determination to conquer an ever-increasing number of fans.

The ten songs of the album skilfully combine melancholic obscure waving vocalisms, classic synthpopish elements and the electronic avant-gardism of the futurepop, in an alternation of decadent 80’s darkwave romanticism and modern, danceable sound technology. The contents of “Breathe” enhance the vocalist’s polarizing trajectories, which overshadow metronomic structures of drum programming and sequencing, moving with nostalgic passion among pulsing bass lines midtempo and harmonizing at the same time with the simple but enchanting euphonies of keyboards. Navigator Project hit the target, proudly raising their fame in the electro scene with this album, deserving prestige and honorability.

Experience the sensation of clicking the play button of your device on “Breathe” and listening to the whole title track at loud volume in the dim light of your room: you will be submerged by introspective turmoil and pure dancing excitement: it’s difficult to imagine anything more fulfilling. Ten times super!

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