Official Press Release // Klonavenus

After the great resonance obtained in 2012 with the previous “KlonaWelt”, the duo composed by Saffio and Paolo Chemnitz returns with “Angst“, a perfect work in which the sonic technology joins the pure energy, generating spectacular modulations that constitute one of the last frontiers of electronic avantgarde.

Direct percussiveness, geometrically fractionated, dark vocals, gloomy keyboards: they are the main prerogatives of the twelve tracks of this release that expertly combines synthwave, dark-electro and EBM elements, creating a futuristic and highly danceable climax. Once again Klonavenus prove be one of the best techno projects, publishing a full-length that will overheat the space and time, spreading a dynamic succession of bpm’s and sounds that will capture you by wonderful formulations that will satisfy all your needs for physical movement and pleasure of listening.

Of great value also the remixes by Dystopia, Spektralized, Cygnosic and Blank. “Angst” is here now to conquer you without any compromise: electro followers from the planet earth, your time to rejoice has finally arrived!

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