Official Press Release // Gimme Shelter

After the solid qualitative advancement of their electronic style manifested at the beginning of the third Millennium with the promo “Deep Pink Water”, the Leipziger duo Gimme Shelter is ready to surprise you by a new release designed with mental clarity and vanguard technologism.

Robert Grolms and Niko Kötzsc present in 2015 a masterpiece simply entitled “Warnemünde”, an album elaborated with ultra-modern strategies and peculiarities that will be surely appreciated by the masses of alternative listeners. The thirteen episodes included in the tracklist are generators of energy and synthpop / EBM danceability, by the perfect interplay between voice and machines, together with a touch of sophistication that transforms the sounds in moments of great entertainment.

The voice of Robert delineates clear harmonies entirely sung in Germanic language, while the synth skillfully maneuvered by Niko propagates catchy notes combined with pulsing bpm’s of drum-programming: the result of this synergy is an authoritarian sound, sometimes shady and melancholic, always atmospheric, specifically minded to attract you with its formidable magnetism from which you can not escape.

Experience yourself the beauty and strength of “Warnemünde”: it’s the best way to celebrate a new year that promises to be musically fantastic!

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