Official Press Release // Gimme Shelter

3rd album for German Electro heroes Gimme Shelter – the ‘technological platform’ founded by the Duo of Robert Grolms and Niko Kötzsch.

Also on their latest effort, the two managed to create a highly attractive sound, full of immense potential. Stylistically oriented towards advanced electro / synthpop shapes, Gimme Shelters return with an album, that will definitely further increase their fame among true fans of high class electro!

Sound refinement and high dynamism characterize “Friedensfahrt”, a structurally advanced full-length, superior from every point of view and interpreted with vibrant passion. The 14 tracks are full of sophisticated, authentic melodies, distinguished by highly captivating vocals, fascinating flows of keyboards and pulsing sequencers that as a whole result in an effective totality of strong danceability and introspective atmospheres that will leave you stunned.

“Friedensfahrt” appears as incontrovertible evidence of modern innovation in the global synthpop scene. Epic harmonies, catchy rhythms, elegant electro-progression and top-notch vocals will immediately win you over. This album is unmissable: it is simply impossible to ask for more.

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