Official Press Release // Gimme Shelter

To all electro fans of the planet Earth: very attention please! The sound of the German duo act Gimme Shelter is a perfect, balanced combination of the best synthpop / electropop sonorities of Camouflage and Elegant Machinery, distinguished by a touch of strong personality.

The result of this style is imprinted in every song of “Kosmodrom”, an album conceptually dedicated to the first man who fly in space, the Soviet Yuri Gagarin. The eleven episodes of the title-track are played with authentic technological music art. Within them you can find surrealism, modernism and retrospective elements, modulations that generate harmonies of high class filled of uniqueness. Perfect synchronies of drum-programming, atmospheric orchestrations of synths and intriguing vocals are the main foundations of this release, designed by Gimme Shelter with method and intense passion.

“Kosmodrom” can be considered with full honors as one of the most interesting electro records of this moment, an album that will conquer you instantly. Do not miss this opportunity to experience the contents of this exceptional work: since the first listening it will be for you an irresistible recall!

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