Official Press Release // DioXide

Andrea Bellucci and Andrew Lagowski are two inspired alchemists of electronic sound: they have developed over the years an highly sophisticated, intelligent and futuristic musical perception, constantly seeking a final balance between compositional perfection and an effective autonomous music dynamism, giving to their songs an artificial communicative energy. Through the project Dioxide the two protagonists were able to express the best of their creativity, realizing an album of great interest for the followers of ‘braindance’: Specular Mirrors.

Eight tracks fully instrumental integrate obscure, highly evocative and atmospheric elements, combining radically electronic structures with other ones classically IDM. Segmented, minimal rhythms and programmed schemes, actively interact with cold digitized modulations, evoking fantastic, cosmic, unsearchable images which transfix the listener’s senses, virtually chaining him to the enchantment of these diaphanous frequencies.

This release contains the best theorems of the ultra-modern electronic culture: the contact with “Specular Mirrors” is a unique experience that transcends the imaginable! Its sonorities will be reflected in your mind. Endlessly.

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