Official Press Release // Dead Man Recovering

Dead Man Recovering’s style has the rare ability to adapt perfectly and effortlessly to both easy and demanding listening.

The Danish solo-act played by Kenneth Steen Larsen offers an unique musicality that is unequivocally inspired by the classic 80’s electro-synthpopish reminiscences modernized by a personal avant-garde touch, with charming and suggestive melodies, always planned to capture you at first listening.

The album “Panic In Slow Motion” is a suggestive document that will convince all fans of this specific genre. Its twelve tracks express freshness but also introspection, aesthetic sense and pleasant refinement, all through clear, intelligible vocals which embellish essential partitures of keyboard and drum-programming rhythms cadenced at variable speeds.

No superstructure, no heaviness: just pure, honest technological pop that will make you dream.

Let yourself be seduced by so much sonic beauty!

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