Navigator Project – Breathe | Review by Side-Line

Two years after the debut-album “Follow The Light” released on ScentAir Records, Italian trio Navigator signed to EL Product to unleash their new opus.
“Breathe” is a diversified piece of music which is carried by Electro-Pop as the main influence. Cold-Wave bass lines and retro-like synth sounds create a melancholic sound universe. Most of the songs are danceable and achieved with melodic sequences. The vocals are in English revealing a typical accent. Navigator confirms the potential revealed at “Follow The Light”. The production becomes more professional featuring well-crafted songs and a great mix -done by Mika Rossi by the way. I like the most powerful songs for their danceable vibes and EBM elements. “Glove Box” is the ultimate song in this approach. Next to powerful songs and danceable vibes, the work also features delicate sound treatments. A few softer passages -like “Atlas featuring Moltonic)”, are not as interesting. Electro-Pop with a wider sound spectrum. Navigator is an interesting formation which is progressively getting better and better.

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