Monstergod – Ozymandias | Review by Side-Line

Polish duo Monstergod strikes back with their third official full length album. The title of the album is probably inspired by a sonnet written by English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The duo invited several guest musicians to achieve this work.
Monstergod strikes back with a heavy and meticulously composed work. The debut cut takes off as an intro and slowly evolves into Electronics to finally end in an apocalyptic Metal-driven song with cavernous vocals on top. The songs reveal different influences and numerous little details. Epic arrangements have been mixed with sensual passages, Electronic sound treatments have been empowered by furious guitar riffs while most of the songs have been driven by real drums.
All I can say is that Monstergod took me by surprise. This album is touched by the hand of God! It’s an overwhelming production, which has been slowly built up and often ending into a sonic climax. The title song opening the work is a perfect exposure to realize the true potential of this work. “In My Dream” is another major song from this work mixing sensuality and total bombast, but I especially enjoyed the final part featuring a children choir. It creates a divine contrast with the irresistible vocals’ production. The one song that couldn’t convince me is the last one, which sounds a bit Rammstein driven and which is poorly inspired compared to the rest of the work.
Conclusion: Monstergod had released its magnum opus; a brilliant and overwhelming piece of music appealing to Pop-, Industrial- and Electro lovers.

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