Mechatronic – Dystopia | Review by Grave Concerns E-zine

An electronic duo from Uppsala, Sweden, formed in 2002. Emma Hortlund (lyrics and synthesizers) and Wilhem Aretun (Vocal and programming).

Other well known duo’s in electronic music, that have been around before Mechatronic formed! Check out Nine Circles (Netherlands) (1980s) and the Frozen Autumn (Italy) formed in 1993. All share similarities in style and sound.

The difference perhaps, Mechatronic appear to be a combination of Synthpop, Electropop and Futurepop. There new album demonstrates a mixture of all those sounds. I listened to the album three times to affirm my thoughts.

The Futurepop songs on this album are: Something, Dystopia, Nightmare, Sinister, and Don’t Bother To Knock. I found to be great dance tracks and could imagine them being popular in clubs, and radio set lists, as floor fillers. However, I did not get the same feeling with them, as I did when listening to their earlier Futurepop release Mind Control, which I found to be absolutely beautiful.

The album has two Electropop songs: Falling Apart and Niagara, which I think will do well in popular charts sound.

What excited me most about the album was their Synthpop songs, Beyond The Silence, Broken Promises, Vicious Words, and This Moment which I thought was very beautiful. Having listened to their earlier Synthpop release Heartbeat, it confirmed how I felt about their music that I prefer their Synthpop songs the most.

There is even an experimental electronic song, Driving Together Isn’t Going to Solve Anything.

The album is worth buying, so don’t be put off, as there is something for everyone, where it comes down to personal taste, which genre one prefers.

Personally, I would love to hear more Synthpop from Mechatronic in the future, as their Synthpop is outstanding and beautiful!

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