Mechatronic – Dreams | Review by Side-Line magazine

This Swedish male-female duo released a debut album in 2003, which didn’t get in the collective mind. Picked up by EK Product the band strikes back with 9 new songs and 2 remixes.

The main influences of Mechatronic clearly are synth-pop and EBM-minded. There’s a well-crafted balance between their influences, the harder songs moving into some efficient body-territories while the main synth-pop tracks are based on catchy choruses and bleeping electronic sequences. The opening cut “Mind Control” features a tiny Kraftwerk-touch and is an efficient opener.

We next get a succession of well-crafted songs driven by a beating kick. Some songs seem to be missing a real apotheosis, but globally speaking “Dreams” features several remarkable body-pop songs. “Wonderland” and “860426” both are alluring pieces perfectly summarizing the refreshing electro-pop ideas this band stands for. I also want to mention the very professional sound production on this album.

The 2 last songs are remixes by Project-X and Spektralized. Project-X made a harsh and kicking dark-electro minded remix of “Mind Control” while Spektralized did a great job on “Lifelike Dreams”.

Conclusion: The come-back of Mechatronic definitely stands for a new debut and the least I can say is that “Dreams” is a promising piece of music.

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