Lost Reality – Fleeting Awareness | Review by Side-Line magazine

Lost Reality is not exactly the most familiar name active in the electro-pop scene. The Italian duo is already active since 1996 and has released several productions, which unfortunately for them never caught world-wide attention.

The band joined Space Race Records and unleashed their new full length featuring 10 songs. The debut song is an interesting cut for its indie-pop orientation revealing a great balance between electronics and guitar. The vocals are more reminding me of the glorious days of new-wave music. It all seems that Lost Reality once started as a band that got inspired by new-wave music. It’s a quite noticeable element that still emerges from this work. There’s an interesting twist between a few typical 80s influences and a more contemporary touch. I especially like “Don’t Move”, which is an interesting cut in this approach. The string part in the chorus sounds pretty old-school like and definitely appears to be an interesting element that comes back on a regular basis.

I already mentioned the somewhat indie sound as well. One of the most noticeable songs “Perfect Passion” is a great illustration of this indie-pop style. This is a well-crafted piece of music with an overwhelming chorus empowered by guitar playing while the hard kick sounds as an invitation to join the dancefloor. I regret there are no other songs in the genre, but it definitely appears a solid basis to move on with. Lost Reality appears to be a rather experienced band. The songs are well-crafted and meticulously constructed as illustrated on “Unknown”. If there’s one minus point I would say without any hesitation that most of the songs are missing an apogee, which is the only element this album needs to become fully successful.

“Fleeting Awareness” is an enjoyable production revealing a strong indie-pop side. This work is just missing one or two masterhit(s) to speak about a real successful opus.

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