Klonavenus – Motion:less | Review by Side-Line

“Motion:less” is the First new album in five years for the Italian Klonavenus duo. The work features nine songs plus two remixes. It’s the third full-length released by Paolo Chemnitz and Saffio. The work takes off with “Dies Irae” featuring Gregorian chants, which are progressively making place for EBM power. Electronic Body Music remains a source of inspiration, but the band is also influenced by more Electro/Future-Pop orientated elements while some songs are leading the listener into pure reverie. One of these songs features female vocals by guest singer Valerie Hely. One of the remixes made by A Copy For Collapse is a song originally released at the previous album “Angst”. The other remix has been accomplished by Templebeat. I like the punching tempo running through this work, which is matching with the heavier EBM elements. There’s no absolute hit, but multiple cool- and noticeable songs. The more Future-Pop driven “Permafrost” is one of my favorites, but I also want to mention “Dies Irae” for the great mix of Gregorian chants and EBM power. Klonavenus is not exactly a band composing beautiful melodies and yet there’s something pretty melodic in the sequences. The last song from the album is not really a successful one while both remixes coming next aren’t adding a true bonus.
Conclusion: “Motion:less” is fully enjoyable work, which will appeal for a wider Electronic audience.

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