Klonavenus – Motion:less | Review by Side-Line Magazine

by Inferno Sound Diaries | Nov. 30, 2020 |

Paolo Chemnitz (vocals, lyrics, samples) and Saffio (music, programming, mixing) have been active under the Klonavenus moniker since 2005. They mainly self-released an impressive number of EP’s. A first official album was released in 2012 on EK Product. They next released “Angst” on Space Race Records (subdivision of EK Product) and now unleashes “Motion:less” featuring eleven songs. Klonavenus has always composed music at the edge of EBM and Electro/Wave-Pop. It’s not that different with the new compositions, which are driven by hopping sequences and rhythms. The songs are accomplished by solid melody lines illustrating the ‘Pop’-side of the band. Some of the hardest cuts remind me a bit of early Icon Of Coil, but here again polished with some extra Electro-Pop melodies. Both last tracks are remixes by A Copy For Collapse and Templebeat. “Motion:less” is a cool work, which is mainly carried by excellent melodies. What I especially like is the perfect balance between EBM power and Pop melodies. The work is danceable, sometimes moving towards darker fields, but always accessible. Both debut songs are noticeable passages, but I also have to mention “Emotionless” reminding me of the early steps of Icon Of Coil. Another great song is “My Crying Bride” featuring female vocals by Valerie Hely. She injects a sensual touch on top of Paolo Chemnitz’ singing. There also is a cool instrumental song (cf. “Neon Blue”). Last, but not least there’s this surprising remix of the title song by Templebeat.  I think the production of the vocals could be improved; the way of singing becomes rather monotone after a while. I can’t say this album is featuring potential hits, but we get several noticeable songs instead. “Motion:less” is not the kind of album that will set the EBM and Electro-Pop scene(s) alight, but it’s an honest work, which I enjoyed listening to.

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